Drag, to me, is an outlet. It’s liberating. It gives me confidence to become a different person, to use my talents in different ways. Such as singing and acting and putting on a character. And having that power in a sense that you don’t so much have as a gay guy, especially within the gay community where it’s so judgmental. They kind of respect drag queens a little differently than they would with a twink. For example, I can get away with smacking a guys ass when I’m in 7 inch heels and a huge wig and a leotard.” 

-Danny Noriega (Adore Delano) on what drag is to him (x)

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"The thing is that I’m a fully developed character as Adore. I know what my brand is. We were working in the studio for a while before we were recording, and the songs they were showing me, which we worked on — I knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like and how I wanted to be represented."

~ Adore Delano

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